Aspect Magi


Aspect Magi are a newer form of Element Master created around 4,000 BC. Whilst not as powerful as the Elemental Masters that came before, they are still a cut above normal human beings.


With the banishment of Marduk to the darkness of Nibiru, the Element Masters eventually realised that a select band of lower-powered ‘troops’ were needed in case Marduk and his cronies ever managed to escape from their exile. Towards that end, they turned their vast knowledge of elemental magic to the task and produced the Aspect Talismans. With these in hand, a person imbued with the power of a particular element was able to adopt a superhuman form keyed to that particular element. Along with improved physical capabilities, the new Aspect Magi were able to channel their innate elemental control into powerful attacks and defences.

Powers and Abilities

Although a normal human being to all appearances, an Aspect Magus (the singular form) has the ability to shift into their Aspect Form.

Aspect Magi

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