The fabled island of Atlantis was destroyed 3,627 years ago during the first Crossing. It was home to the great Element Masters and also to the first of the Aspect Magi.


Exactly when Atlantis was first settled is lost in the mists of time. According to Danwell, the first stirrings of what he could call ‘Atlantean Civilisation’ were probably around 12,400 BC, give or take. Certainly there had been people on the island for thousands of years, probably since the initial spread of mankind out of Africa. The ‘stirrings’ that Danwell would be referring to, would be the earliest communities of farmers instead of wandering hunter-gatherers. In time these communities grew larger and more advanced, in the usual development process of civilisation. However, the Atlanteans were able to harness a new power: Magical Elemental Control.

Rise of Atlantis

By 6,000 BC Atlantis was what could be called an ancient superpower. Its meteoric rise in status was prompted mainly by the developing knowledge of the Element Masters. The city of Atlantis was a thriving ancient metropolis and a prosperous port.


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